Social impact and employee wellbeing

No company is an island. Companies exist in a specific environment, and they influence it - both in a positive and negative way. Companies influence people’s lives and wellbeing, social structure they create, human relationships, culture, health, environment and many more.

Our latest report „Social impact and employee wellbeing”, presents initiatives, projects, programmes and good practices of organizations that stimulate positive change and can inspire others. The report also documents how social impact translates into wellbeing of employees and their communities and their employees.

What you will find inside?

  • A summary of the most important trends that put social impact in the centre of attention
  • Facts about how social impact translates into wellbeing of employees and their communities and their employees
  • Ideas to help you build employee engagement in volunteering programmes
  • Social Impact research and factsheets
  • Hundreds of good practices of organizations that act responsibly towards the planet, their communities and their employees
  • Ideas on how to communicate your social impact internally and externally,
  • Examples of actions taken by companies in response to the Russian invasion and suggestions for initiatives you can take to help in Ukraine and to Ukrainian employees
  • Insights from experts from all around the world
  • Case studies of organizations that take social impact issues seriously: PwC, VanityStyle, TVN Discovery, Grupa LUX MED, Fundacja ORLEN and Orange

    If someone had told us 20 years ago about the threats we are facing today, most people would have thought they were talking nonsense or were interested in stirring up anxiety. Many people have responded in a similar way to information about climate change coming from the environmentalists. For years, companies have focused on short-term profits, and people have focused on consumption. Nobody wanted to hear about the changes.

    Today, social awareness is much higher. We want to know how the companies around us work and how their actions influence the planet and the quality of our lives. Before deciding to buy a product or starting a job in a particular company, we are more likely to take into account what the company actually does for the society and the planet, and what employment conditions it offers. The sense of meaning at work is becoming more and more valuable to us.

    The experience of the pandemic contributed to this growing awareness. Many of us wondered what led to the pandemic and how our excessive consumption and businesses' profit maximization mindset contributed to it. At the same time, we could also observe the good practices of employers who engaged in the fight against the pandemic and invested in the wellbeing of employees - putting people at the center of their attention. As a result, the trust in businesses increased, but at the same time, so did the expectations towards them.

    The last few weeks put the businesses up for an additional challenge. 24 February 2022 Russia invaded Ukraine, escalating the conflict that has lasted since 2014. Putin's war may spill over into many countries. More and more countries and organizations impose economic sanctions on Russia. At the same time, international corporations that have been doing business in Russia for years are experiencing increasing pressure. Some of them have already withdrawn from this market. While making those decisions, businesses have to consider the responsibility for the company results and the employees based in Russia on one hand, and a moral assessment of their contribution to the country's economic potential, which threatens the peace in Europe on the other. The social impact has never been so important for workers, candidates, companies, and society as a whole.

    The report was created thanks to our partners – PwC, Vanity Style and TVN Discovery.

    Enjoy reading!

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